XDOC Testimonials

If you need some inspiration … or have any doubts that you can do it … or are just looking for interesting ideas …
Here are some successful past students and clients who are doing it!

  •  Nicolas Bertram      Ebro Armaturen Pacific Pty ltd    www.broer-group.comTowards the middle of last year I attended your import export course. In less than a year I have been able to improve our bottom line by $100k by applying the knowledge I gained and by improving our processes. Needless to say, this is quite a good return for a few hundred dollars and a few evenings!”
  •  Linda Wood   Sleeps Secrets  www.sleep-secrets.com.au   “This is a great end to a year full of learning and waiting and waiting and learning and I feel the future looks very promising.I must say a huge thank you to Xdoc for guiding me through this”
  • Melissa Walsh   Melobaby   www.melobaby.com   “A great course, so much for one day…Corinne made sense of those strange terms FOB, DDP and now we ship all around the globe. I also met many interesting people in the course who were also trying to make sense of the complexities of importing and exporting”
  • Henry Holland    Eleventhcommandment   www.eleventhcommandment.com.au  “Thank you for the one day Seminar in Import/export; It was thoroughly enjoyable and I learnt so much”
  • Robert Jochelson     Kingsway Financial Assessments    www.creditnet.com.au     “You packed alot into the course, and presented the material very clearly.  The Import / Export Manual is also a great resource.  I noted in the course that it was difficult for importers and exporters to get credit information on their business partners, so I decided to create credit.net.com .au   Thanks again.”
  • Alex De Wit    The Chilli Factory   www.thechillifactory.com     “Thank you for the good seminar! I made lots of notes and had some good tips and hints to further push our export sales.”
  • Frank Partlic       Sunshine Initiative Australia    www.intercept3d.com   “The course and the book together with Corinne’s knowledge was so valuable to our business in trying to start import and export from scratch, we now use her book as the office bible. It answers all questions necessary to do it right the first time.”
  • Wendy Van     BRP Australia Pty Limited   www.brp.com      “I loved the course, I feel as if I can take on this Asia Business with confidence now”
  • Neill Barrett    Moni-Tec   www.moni-tec.com   “The introduction to exporting really covered the practical aspects of exporting and was very useful.”
  • David Harakos   The Professors Tasty Technology   www.TheProfessorsTastyTechnology.com.au   “I was completely in the clueless on Import/export before attending the XDOC®’ course. The course structure, accompanying book and ongoing advice is all first rate and Corinne’s enthusiasm is delightfully contagious.”
  • Sinead Roberts   EcoDirect Pty Ltd    www.ecodirect.com.au      “Thanks Corinne for giving an excellent course. Your experience in import/export is obvious and your advice was both practical and valuable.”
  • Wayne Leighton    The Invisible Clothesline  Company   www.invisibleclothesline.com.au    “For anyone entering the world of business import or export, a course from XDOC® is a must. I found the information to be very relevant, well presented and useful. It’s real world information from someone who’s been there, and knows what matters.”
  • Michel Schumacker   BellaBodies Shapewear   www.bellabodiesshapewear.com    “Corinne gave me not only the confidence to import, brand my own label and deal on a professional level with the company in Colombia, but also the encouragement to think bigger.”
  • Mark Roger  Jasmark Australia Pty Ltd    www.bra-g.com.au  “Corinne’s import/export manual became my bible as I completed my first shipment – not to mention her recommendation for a trusting freight forwarder!! Many thanks.”
  • Ann Poppelwell    Simply Silk   www.simplysilk.com.au   “Corinne was very helpful providing me with several resources and contacts to assist my research activities in exporting my silk garments to various parts of the world. Nothing was too much trouble and her knowledge of this industry is very comprehensive and up to date.”
  • Hagen Lunau   Chinease    www.chinease.com.au    “Corinne Campbell’s dedication to the success of her students alone would be enough to recommend her, but her candid, down-to-earth assessment of the world of international trade has been some of the most useful information I have ever received.”
  • Najila Habibi   Shopping in the city   www.shoppinginthecity.com.au   “I have learned a lot from Corinne when I was attending her class. She made the whole concept of export/import more interesting by using her experiences and gave me the courage to take a risk and start my own business.”
  • Joe Galasso   Festive Lighting Direct   www.festivelightingdirect.com   “Attending Corinne’s import/export course has helped me with my import business by teaching me the small important things that I didn’t think about when importing goods. Corinne has always been there to help when I have been stuck and helped guide me through the processes to make my importing easier.”
  • Jodie Fried   Bholu Pty Ltd   www.bholu.com    “Corinne’s manual is the golden handbook of knowing everything about export and import, particularly for new business. I wish I had known about this book 2 years ago, things would have been so much easier!”
  • Jana Kingston  TD Homewares Trading   www.tdhomewares.com  “The import/export course gave me insight into international trading conditions, especially the pitfalls to watch out for and key areas to focus on, invaluable information when starting a new business in this highly competitive arena.”
  • Tony & Carol Parr   Mite-Y-Fresh   www.miteyfresh.com   “The course was like filling in the missing pieces of a jigsaw but then discovering the jigsaw is three dimensional.”
  • Levent Pinar   Golfinc    www.golfinc.com.au  “Thank you for your valuable insight into import / export”
  • John Quirk   Bimbadgen Estate Wines  http://www.bimbadgen.com.au/      “We are most appreciative of your involvement  in getting our export orders organised. we have all learnt a lot”
  • Karen Sharman   Gingerbreak Folk   http://www.gingerbreadfolk.com/   “The export opportunities are very exciting but they leave no doubt in our mind that in order to supply, we Must expand our production capabilities. Your seminar was a great base for all this!”
  • Mark  Adembesa   Town and Park furniture     www.townandpark.com.au    “I think XDOC®’scourse is worth every penny, I learnt heaps, cleared up vague areas, filled in gaps in my (limited) knowledge, had light shone on hitherto unknown elements of the business and found Corinne to be a motivational speaker, a true teacher”