Sydney Workshops Time Table

This course will show you how to establish and operate an import/export business. The course will cover logistics, documentation, trade terms, international marketing, finance, payment terms and risk management. A comprehensive import/export manual is included.


  • International Trade – an overview
  • Risk management
  • Incoterms
  • Methods of payment
  • Pricing in international trade
  • The role of customs broker/ freight forwarder
  • Import and Export documentation and procedures
  • Import and export finance

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of international trade framework
  2. Identify key issues on import and export readiness
  3. Find and evaluate distributors and suppliers
  4. Use and understand important term
  5. Calculate costs
  6. Understand the role of the customs broker and freight forwarder
  7. Demonstrate a knowledge of import and export documentation process
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of importing and export finance
  9. Use appropriate cultural protocols

Anyone interested in importing or exporting as a business operated from home or for an existing business wanting to also import or export some products to supplement incomes.

A comprehensive 125 page reference of documentation examples and information about Import/Export will be provided to each student. This manual has been written by the tutor and has been endorsed by various Institutions, Tafe Colleges, Universities and several government organisations.

Carlingford/Hills District Saturday February 17th 2018 – 930am – 430pm – Macquarie Community College  – 263 Marsden Rd Carlingford  $185.00

Chatswood  Saturday Septembr 1st 2018 – 930am – 430pm – Macquarie Community College  –Level 1, 8 Thomas Street Chatswood $185.00

Sydney CBD Saturday September 8th 2018 –  930am – 430pm – WEA – 70-72 Bathurst St,
Sydney  $150.00

Parramatta Thursday 15th November 2018 –  930am – 430pm – Parramatta College – Ross street, Parramatta  $189.00

Parramatta Tuesday 14th May 2018 –  930am – 430pm – Parramatta College – Ross street, Parramatta  $189.00